The Politics of Cloning

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Here’s the link to tonight’s video:


Human Cloning Policies:

1997: Clinton Seeks to Ban Human Cloning but Not All Experiments:

1997: President Bill Clinton on Cloning:

2001: Brigitte Boisselier is questioned in Washington, DC on her company ClonAid:

2002: Clonaid claims first cloned human baby (video):

2002: Long discussion on human cloning in Washington DC after President Bush speech:

The law and human cloning:

2003: George Bush’s state of the union ( at 33:11 mark he mentions stance against human cloning) :

Quick info on Dolly the cloned sheep:

Washington Post panned for massive correction to Trump-Georgia election story: ‘So, they made up quotes’:

Information about the Congressional Cloning legislation in the USA:

2018: Chinese ‘have cloned 30 human embryos’:

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