Hey Ya’ll,

It was brought to my attention that, a little over a week ago, a show guest on Dr. Phil named Danielle Bregoli (aka Bhad Bhabie) came out to expose the industry that he promotes; the “Troubled Teen Industry.” Tonight’s video dives into this topic and why it needs to be talked about:


Bhad Babie talks about Turn About Ranch and the Sexual abuse at the center he promotes:

Paris Hilton helping to bring awareness to the Troubled Teen Industry:

Paris Hilton’s documentary detailing her abuse at one of these facilities:

*SAD WARNING* Watch as this girl behind the scenes at Dr. Phil begs to not be sent away from her family:

Abbie Parker and her experience at the Turn About Ranch:

Bhad Bhabie detailing her experiences at the Ranch:

Breaking Code silence Instagram:


Breaking Code Silence Google Doc collecting all of the allegations against Dr. Phil:


Hannah’s testimony of the abusive ranch experience:

Story of one family who never got their son back from the ‘camp’ :


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