Meet Marisa.

Marisa, AKA Riss Flex, is the creator of the Riss Flex videos found on YouTube, Patreon, Rumble, BitChute and Brand NewTube; she brings you her uncensored research on what is really happening in the world.

Marisa delivers credible research into topics reported by the media appearing to be ambiguous and in-conclusive. Through using a combination of online sources, literature, government insiders, and going physically out into the field, Marisa exposes the most pressing truth at the time it is needed most. Mainstream media outlets have been increasingly letting the public down by failing to report on stories that go against their special interests. Coincidingly social media censorship has blocked our ability to seek truth.

Marisa has a background in broadcasting and business development. She holds a BFA and is undergoing an MBA.

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