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Did you know that gay’s have been denied government security clearances up until at least 1984, because the CIA said they were more prone to getting blackmailed?! Browse all of these related documents from the CIA reading room:

Child Court Judge Charged with Child Porn Possession:

The Judge charged with Child Porn was MAJOR Player in Democrat Circles!:

The Pedophile Judge (Brett Blomme) was just ‘elected’ this past 2020 election; He didn’t make it a full year in his position before getting caught:

Chrissy Teigen says that she deleted her Twitter over some “F*cked-up $h*t” that she tweeted out over the years:

Toddler’s in Tiara’s star’s sister describes the child molestation that happened in their house:

Toddlers in Tiara’s star’s sister gets silenced for speaking out about her mom’s child-molester boyfriend:

Dr. Phil features a Toddler’s in Tiara’s star on his show (named Alaska Mathews)… is he promoting child exploitation? PLUS The pageant mom has a relationship with a minor boy; Another example of how the Toddlers in Tiaras kids have PEDOPHILE parents! :

Supreme Court Justice Cutich is in a gay marriage and adopted a kid from Guatemala. According to Guatemala adoption laws, it’s prohibited to adopt out to gay families. Therefore, Justice Cutich’s adoption was illegal. The Guatemalan girl was recently found dead…

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