They Won’t Cover This…

Hey Friends!

Here is the link to tonight’s video:


CDC releases guidelines on how to combat a Zombie Apocalypse and how to involve children in preparing for the potential emergency….:

AG Grewal Announces Voting Fraud Charges Against Paterson Councilman Michael Jackson, Councilman-Elect Alex Mendez, and Two Other Men:

Missouri county authorizes sheriff to arrest feds who try to enforce new gun laws violating second amendment:

Alabama governor explains why she’s ending mask mandate:

NewsMax says Governor DeSantis and Pence are tied in popularity for 2024 poll… I think this is a FALSE POLE and they are pushing a FALSE narrative! :

Kayleigh McEnany takes swipe at Jen Psaki for needing to ‘circle back’ with press:

Shortly after Kayleigh called for more transparency in the video above, Joe Biden’s admin announced that Biden will finally hold a press conference later this month:

UK government begins pushing for ways they can prevent the illegal organ harvesting from China! :

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