El Chapo’s Wife DETAINED…

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Here is the link to tonights video:


Mexico DEA Narc Reveals CIA’s Greatest Coverup:

CPAC sold out event; Trump will be speaking at on this Sunday:


El Chapo’s Daughter Alejandrina Guzman Launches Fashion Brand Inspired By Father:

President Joe Biden’s Attorney General confirmation pick:


OWN THE STREETS: Mexico president admits he released El Chapo’s son:


El Chapo’s beauty queen wife in her mugshot after being arrested for drug trafficking and plotting to help him escape from Mexican prisons:


Wife of drug kingpin “El Chapo” ordered to stay in jail after arrest at Dulles airport, judge says:


The Hash-Slinging Slasher: 10 Of The Scariest SpongeBob Squarepants Episodes:


Full confession tape from an arrested cartel boss who faught El Chapo on the streets:

This Hollywood Celebrity claims she had no idea she was being watched by Feds when she secretly visited El Chapo with another Hollywood celebrity, to party. I don’t think she would have given this interview if she wasn’t CAUGHT on tape! :

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